WMAA represents the growing community practitioners of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) in Australia.

The WMAA is a national HEMA community body for the interests of HEMA and the promotion of the benefits it can bring to those who train in these arts.

WMAA strives to be recognised for:

  • a high standard of safety and service
  • professionalism in the quality of training in WMAA member schools
  • a safe physical activity that can enjoyed by all ages and genders.

The 2019 Committee comprises of

  • President (Martin¬† Kraskov, VHCA)
  • Secretary (Minh Li, SHF)
  • Treasurer (Scott Nimmo, MSG)
  • Vice-President (Paulina Samy).

The membership of WMAA is comprised of two delegates of each membergroup, the membergroups of WMAA are:

  • Melbourne Swordplay Guild
  • Glen Lachlann Estate College of Arms
  • Fechtschule Victoria
  • School of Historical Fencing
  • Fitzroy College of Arms
  • Leongatha Medieval Society
  • Adelaide Sword Academy
  • Scholar Victoria
  • Stoccata