As per the WMAA Constitution (numbering changed)

The purposes for which the Association is established are to:

  1. provide for the conduct, encouragement, promotion and administration for Western Martial Arts (“WMA”) and sports derived from these activities nationally, including but not limited to:
    1.  promoting a greater community awareness of, and enjoyment in Western Martial Arts and its contribution to fitness and sport;
    2. promoting and holding, either alone or jointly with any other association, club or person, WMA competitions, championships, exhibitions, workshops, meetings and other activities of the Association;
    3. promoting, encouraging and providing facilities for the education, practice and play of WMA and derived sports and to raise the levels and standards of competition in Australia;
    4. Representing the interest of western martial artists and competitors within Australia;
    5. Accreditation of WMA Instructors and coaches of WMAA affiliated organisations and sporting clubs;
    6. Selecting and appointing WMAA representative, officials and delegates for competition or for any other purposes;
    7. co-operating with and assisting any organisation having objects and purposes similar to those of the Association in any manner which may further the interests of WMA or the association generally;
    8. settling disputes and questions on any matters relating to WMA in Australia
    9. hearing and determining upon any allegation or complaint or charge involving a breach of this Constitution or the laws of competition(s) or in respect of any matters affecting the interest of WMA or of the Association which may be made against any members of the Association, with power to impose fines or any other penalties as prescribed in this Constitution;
    10. affiliate and otherwise liaise with relevant sporting and/or martial sport bodies in Australia which will assist in the pursuit of these purposes;
  2. ensure that a high standard of WMA is taught, and derived sports are maintained;
  3. develop a sense of sportsmanship and a high degree of proficiency in WMA and derived sports.
  4. Respect and protect the Intellectual Property of the Association and Partners including but not limited to logos, trademarks, copyright and names of any equipment, methods, product, publication or event developed by the Association or Partners.
  5. Collect, distribute and publish information on of the historical basis of the Association and WMA.
  6.  Strive for Government, commercial and public recognition of the Association and WMA;
  7. ensure the adoption of and compliance of rules for the any derived sports.
  8. Further develop the Association into an organised institution and with these purposes in view, to foster, regulate, organise and manage competitions, events, displays and other activities and to provide recognition to successful participants;
  9. Promote the health and safety of participants;
  10. Encourage participants to realise their potential and athletic abilities’
  11. Encourage and promote performance-enhancing drug-free competitions; and
  12.  Undertake and do all such things or activities which are necessary, incident and conductive to the advancement of these purposes.