This is an online form for any group looking to join WMAA. It will be submitted to the committee for review and we will get back to you shortly.

We use the model rules for Incorporated Associations under Consumer Affairs Victoria with our own Statement of Purpose. We will send that to any applications of this form for review and acceptance.

Once accepted the membergroup will be added to our register, in which two members are allowed to be full voting members of WMAA. This is allow groups that are not an individual legal entity the ability to participate and every group to have equal voting rights in the organisation.

Full committee meetings have been scheduled for every quarter except in the last in which the AGM is held. But any matters and enquiries can be raised to the executive and any member can call for a committee meeting.

The cost for each member is 25AUD, payable within 30days of acceptance into the WMAA register, renewal by 1st of January each year.