Western Martial Academies of Australia is a non-profit community organisation that was started to replace and improve on the previous Australian Historical Swordplay Federation.

All WMAA Member organisations are expected to abide by all laws applicable to their location and abide to the WMAA Code of Practice. In particular organisations in Victoria or member of WMAA groups travelling to the State of Victoria are required to abide by the restrictions as detailed in the Control of Weapons Act 1990 and all later amendments.

There are similar laws in other states (eg. NSW), a guide to how to navigate these will be made available on our Legal page.

These organisations are split into two categories.

 Member Organisations

WMAA members are organisations that have committed to support the WMAA Purpose Statement; improving the accessibility and quality of HEMA instruction in Australia.

These members are currently required to covered by Public Liability insurance.

They are also required to provide WMAA access to confirm current membership; communicate their training approach, and provide an sample lesson plan or Syllabus. This information is used to understand the member groups approach and better support their needs.

Individual Members

WMAA does not accept applications for individual members but represents organisations that share a common vision for HEMA in Australia.

Individual members are typically representatives of Affiliated Member Organisations, or these representatives that have been granted Life Membership for their contribution to WMAA and the Australian HEMA Community.