Melbourne Swordplay Guild (MSG) started in 2003 to continue HEMA instruction in Melbourne after the relocation of Australian College of Arms to Queensland. They have had a focus on British Swordsmanship, starting with Silver and progressing into Scottish Swordsmandhip.
For five years they taught Fiore’s Armizare, with a focus on Grappling, Dagger and Longsword.

Currently MSG runs out of Werribee, at Westgrove Primary School on Sundays.  Teaching childrens classes as well as adults.

MSG were active members of the Australian Historical Swordplay Federation and are a founding member of the Western Martial Academies of Australia.
MSG members with a interest in research and teaching have been encouraged to start their own schools and Melbourne can now boast of a strong HEMA scene with schools across the city.

For more information, visit the MSG website, their facebook page or contact Scott Nimmo and Dominic Mauricio