The benefits to any WMAA Accredited and Affiliated member lie behind being able to contribute and benefit from the consensus of an organisation lager than your own.  We work to drive improvements in the delivery of HEMA instruction and events and share the spoils of our collated experience and work.

For example, the contribution requirement of Accredited Members contributes towards a national standard of operation.

  • What is learnt from one member is shared to all.
  • leading to more effective teaching, higher engagement from practitioners
  • and a safer environment for all.
Holding a national registry of members allows:
  • a standardised communication channel for government, the general community and media to contact the HEMA community.
  • services such as membership cards, public liability, education workshops, grading framework, support and co-ordination of events that improve the HEMA communities standing in the community.

Accredited Member Organisations

WMAA Accredited members are organisations that have committed to uphold the WMAA Code of Practice and work towards a standardised national competency framework and Grading Scheme.

Accredited Member Organisations share

  • a common document repository to access existing processes, lesson plans and other documentation shared by  the other Accredited Members.  If you are looking for the Risk Management Plan and Risk Assessment forms, is where you will find it!
  • exclusive access to seminars from experts relevant to HEMA and acknowledged experts in the international HEMA community.
  • access to training programs by fitness and health professionals, first aid and sports coaching.


Affiliated Member Organisations

WMAA Affiliated Members are represented by organisations that are committed to abide by the WMAA Code of Practices.

Affiliated Member Organisations gain access to the standard membership benefits and be able to be assessed for WMAA Accredited Member status.